Ángel Manuel Sánchez Bermúdez

Project coordinator

Dr. Bermudez is the general academic coordinator and expert in renewable energies for the European project HEEMS in renewable energies with Cape Verde, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe and also the expert for the EU project Tempus Momate in Renewable Energies with Morocco, Tunisa and Algeria. He is a University professor in the field of Chemical Engineering, from the T04-Chemical Engineering Department at the Universidade de Vigo. He works at the School of Industrial Engineering. Ángel Sánchez graduated in Chemistry from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Santiago de Compostela in June 1982 and received his PhD in Chemistry from the same Faculty in November 1982. He worked part-time as a teacher in charge of the course level b (partial) of Chemical Engineering from the 21st November, 1986 to the 30th September 1987. He began working full time as an Associate Professor D1 of Chemical Engineering from the 1st October, 1987 to the 31st December, 1989 and as Associate Professor T3-Tc of Chemical Engineering from the 1st January 1990 to the 30th of September 1990. From the 1st October 1990 to the 19th January 1993 he held the position of interim senior university professor of Chemical Engineering; afterwards, until the 27th July, 2012, he was Senior Professor of Chemical Engineering and from the 27th July 27, 2012, he is a Professor of the Chemical Engineering chair. Regarding the management positions at the Universidade de Vigo, Ángel Sánchez has served as the Vice-Rector for Research, within the Vice-Rectorate for Research, from the 8th October, 1992 to the 30th of April, 1994. From the 16th May, 2000 to the 30th September, 2003, he served as the Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering and he was also the Director of the Sector for Innovation, within the Vice-Rectorate for Innovation and Quality from the 16th October 2003 to the 20th September 2005. Immediately after, he held the position of Vice-Rector for Innovation and Quality until the 27th June, 2006 and on the 28th June of that year, of Vice-Rector for New Technologies and Quality, until the 17th June 2010. As a professor, he delivered the following courses: Chemistry (Industrial Engineering), Chemical Technology (Industrial Engineering and Mining Engineering), Supplementary Fuels (Mining Engineering), Engineering Projects (Chemical Engineering), Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering), Technology of Alternative Fuels (Energy Engineering), Organic Chemistry (Industrial Engineering), Environmental Technology (Industrial Engineering and Mining Engineering), PhD programs in Chemical Engineering, Master and PhD in Chemical Engineering, Master in Renewable Energy, Master in Environment, Master in Automotive Industry.