We encourage the participation of the university community in the development and implementation of innovative international projects under the following modalities:

  • International cooperation
  • Educational innovation
  • Curriculum development
  • Exchange of good practices and know-how
  • Capacity-building
  • Knowledge Alliances
  • International strategic partnerships
  • Strategic planning and international management
  • Digital internationalisation

We provide advice and training on the design, presentation and management of innovative educational projects with institutions and organisations of other countries

We promote and encourage a greater international positioning of the University of Vigo, by assisting not only in the search for international partners and the management procedures and technical aspects of these projects, but also in the development of training activities and the generation of resources

We support project coordinators in the integral management of their international educational projects within the framework of the European Union calls, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and the Xunta de Galicia, as well as in the dissemination of their results and future sustainability

Services we offer:

  • Updated information on calls, deadlines and opportunities for international educational projects
  • Analysis of project ideas and eligibility of proposed actions according to current calls
  • Entry point to channel the requests for international cooperation for the development of new international projects that are received by the University from foreign entities and their distribution to lecturers and researchers of the University of Vigo in their specific fields
  • Support for access to and understanding of the application process
  • Assistance in the search for international partners and the formation of consortia
  • Collaboration in the design and development of competitive proposals
  • Advisory services on establishing the budget and analysing the required co-financing
  • Delivery of the institutional dossier that is required for the presentation of proposals (description of our University, experience in previous or similar projects, management capacity, etc.) and processing of the institutional signature of the application
  • Technical assistance in the implementation of approved educational projects, not only those coordinated by the University of Vigo, but also the projects in which the institution participates as a partner
  • Interpretation of the funding rules in projects being implemented
  • Maintaining dialogue with the convening organisms and attending follow-up meetings
  • Understanding of interculturality in working with partners from other countries
  • Organisation of project coordination meetings at the University
  • Management and archiving of the project file
  • Budgetary management
  • Various administrative procedures
  • Support for the preparation of technical reports on project implementation
  • Support for the justification and monitoring of audit procedures
  • Contribution to the visibility of the activities carried out within the projects through a common web portal
  • Support for the exploitation of results and their scientific dissemination
  • Carrying out training activities on project design and execution with the participation of internal and external experts
  • Dissemination of project activities in university networks such as GCU, Nice Network, Unimed, Nafsa, EAIE or APAIE.